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Jul 05
Understanding Video SEO and How It Differs from Traditional SEO

We are living in the digital era where having an online presence as a business is a must for the success of the business. Having an online presence is not enough but a strong one, for that matter. Experts suggest that search engine optimization or SEO is an excellent way to boost your online visibility and increase […]

Jul 05
Understanding Search Intent: The Key to Successful SEO and Affiliate Content Marketing

Grasping search intent emerges as the crowning touch that elevates your affiliate marketing content strategy from satisfactory to exceptional. The significance of comprehending customer or search intent extends beyond just organic search. Naturally, every online search is driven by a primary purpose. What exactly is search intent, and what makes it crucial? Keep reading to […]

Jul 05
How to Use SERP Analysis for Keyword Research and Affiliate Marketing Content Creation

Your website plays a crucial role in your digital affiliate marketing strategy. It serves as the initial interaction point between your brand and customers, not to mention its pivotal role in boosting SEO rankings. Each search query presents both a marketing opportunity and a challenge, and it’s your responsibility to identify and capitalize on these […]

Apr 20
“Alternate Page With Proper Canonical Tag” Status on Google Search Console

Are you getting the “alternate page with proper canonical tag” message in Google Search Console and wondering what to do with it? In this article, we will discuss this status in further detail so that when you see it on your Google Search Console you can take the necessary steps required to fix the issue […]

Dec 30
What is Google EAT? The ultimate SEO E-A-T Guide

Every time I’ve heard the term E-A-T in the SEO circles, I always think of food first but then after a reality check, it dawns on me that we are talking about: Google E-A-T. Over the years, this has been a common term for SEO professionals. However, the bigger question to the SEO pro reading […]

Dec 30
23 SEO Tips to Help Your Rank Higher in 2023

1. Keyword Optimize your content 2. High quality content 3. Structure your content well 4. Seek the featured snippets 5. Optimize your Page Titles 6. Optimize Your Meta descriptions 7. Keep your URLs short, tidy and readable (memorable?) 8. Get backlinks and Niche Edits from high authority sites 9. Optimize your pagespeed 10. Add internal […]

Dec 30
Top 7 SEO Tools To Boost Your SEO Efforts in 2023

It’s always amazing how a good tool can make your life much easier. The same applies to SEO tools. On that same note, there’s nothing like a Google update to leave you gasping and struggling when you think you got the hang of everything. We have all been there. And that is when a good […]

Sep 05
10 SEO KPIs To Track For Better Search Performance

Most companies tend to rely greatly on data to make decisions. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide reliable data for businesses to track their growth. Without KPIs, you will be unable to track your campaign’s progress. We have put together the top 10 SEO KPIs to track traffic growth. What are SEO KPIs? SEO Key Performance […]

Jul 30
Keyword Optimization Guide For SEO Beginners

One main element of your search engine optimization / SEO strategy is to drive more qualified leads to your site by using keywords in your content. Excellent keyword research reveals the most common terms, phrases, and questions your users and customers search for.  Read on to learn about keyword optimization, its benefits, and how to […]