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23 Affiliate Marketing SEO Tips to Help You Rank Higher in 2024

1. Keyword Optimize your content.

2. High quality content.

3. Structure your content well.

4. Seek the featured snippets.

5. Optimize your Page Titles.

6. Optimize Your Meta descriptions.

7. Keep your URLs short, tidy, and readable (memorable?).

8. Get backlinks and Niche Edits from high-authority sites.

9. Optimize your page speed.

10. Add internal links to your content.

11. Add high-quality – high authority external links to your content.

12. Use high-quality and well-optimized visuals.

13. Do a technical site audit often.

14. Audit your content often.

15. Study the competition to find content gaps.

16. Study the competition to find link gaps.

17. Reduce your bounce rate.

18. Remove dead non-trafficked pages.

19. Use related keywords in your content.

20. Update old content.

21. Leverage SEO tools for unseen wins or optimizations and to track SEO KPIs.

22. Leverage blogger outreach to find guest post opportunities.

23. Improve organic CTR (Found on Google Search Console).


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