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Apr 20
“Alternate Page With Proper Canonical Tag” Status on Google Search Console

Are you getting the “alternate page with proper canonical tag” message in Google Search Console and wondering what to do with it? In this article, we will discuss this status in further detail so that when you see it on your Google Search Console you can take the necessary steps required to fix the issue […]

Apr 17
How Many Backlinks Per Month Should You Get?

Link building is a critical component of any SEO strategy. Backlinks show Google and viewers that your site is well-known and respected in the community. A great linking strategy may also help attract more visitors and increase interaction, which is what most business owners want. But how many backlinks per month should you create? Let’s […]

Feb 07
First Page SEO Guarantee: Does it Work? 

Most online businesses use search engine optimization (SEO) services to optimize the website content to rank better on search engine results pages. However, selecting an SEO agency can be challenging since many choices exist. Each one of them provides a unique justification for choosing them. Some SEO firms you encounter have SEO guarantees. They might […]

Jan 31
The Full Guide To Blogger Outreach Strategies For SEO

Whether you are an astute entrepreneur, a blogger, or a content creator, using blogger outreach strategies will help you expand your audience, build high-quality backlinks, and grow your business. In this guide, we will focus on how to recognize outreach possibilities, qualify prospects, and close sales with fantastic incentives. This way, you can easily differentiate […]

Jan 18
What Are Contextual Backlinks and Do I Need Them?

If you’re launching a content marketing campaign, you’re definitely looking for fresh approaches to improve both your search engine position and the perception of your brand. Fortunately, contextual backlinks make it simple to achieve both goals.  By incorporating contextual backlinks into your content, you can enhance your blogs and articles while giving search engines like […]

Jan 18
The Keyword Research Checklist For Ranking in 2023

If you have been involved in search engine optimization (SEO) for more than a few years, you have undoubtedly witnessed a dramatic change in the field of keyword research. Early on, obtaining keywords with a high search volume and little competition on search engines was at the top of the keyword research checklist. As a […]

Jan 13
10 Techniques for White Hat Link Building In 2023 

With backlinks being one of the leading Google ranking factors, link building has become very popular with every industry. Most marketers are desperate to grow their brand’s backlink profile and are willing to do just anything to gain authoritative links. However there is a fine line between how you should and shouldn’t build your links, […]

Jan 09
How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank On Page 1? 

Every content creator wants to know what it takes to rank on page 1 on Google. The only issue is there is too much conflicting SEO information, and finding good backlink strategies that work can be hard. With backlinks being one of the most significant aspects of SEO that greatly influence a site’s rankings, this […]

Jan 03
How and Where to Buy Quality Backlinks in 2023

Buying backlinks is paying for a link back to your site from another site. The main goal is usually to increase the site ranking of your website on search engines, boost referral traffic, generate conversations, and increase your website’s authority. Paid links come in multiple forms, including niche edits, paid guest posts from blogger outreach, […]

Dec 30
What is Google EAT? The ultimate SEO E-A-T Guide

Every time I’ve heard the term E-A-T in the SEO circles, I always think of food first but then after a reality check, it dawns on me that we are talking about: Google E-A-T. Over the years, this has been a common term for SEO professionals. However, the bigger question to the SEO pro reading […]

Dec 30
23 SEO Tips to Help Your Rank Higher in 2023

1. Keyword Optimize your content 2. High quality content 3. Structure your content well 4. Seek the featured snippets 5. Optimize your Page Titles 6. Optimize Your Meta descriptions 7. Keep your URLs short, tidy and readable (memorable?) 8. Get backlinks and Niche Edits from high authority sites 9. Optimize your pagespeed 10. Add internal […]

Dec 30
Top 7 SEO Tools To Boost Your SEO Efforts in 2023

It’s always amazing how a good tool can make your life much easier. The same applies to SEO tools. On that same note, there’s nothing like a Google update to leave you gasping and struggling when you think you got the hang of everything. We have all been there. And that is when a good […]