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Top 40 Free Backlink Sites To Scale Your SEO Rankings

In the SEO world, backlinks play a crucial role in improving your website’s rankings on search engines. They function similarly to votes of confidence from other sites, informing search engines that your site is useful and trustworthy. While acquiring backlinks can be challenging, especially for new websites with low domain authority, several free backlink sites can help you build a strong backlink profile and boost your SEO rankings.

This comprehensive guide will explore the top 40 free backlink sites that can high-quality backlinks to your website. The following sites have been carefully selected based on their reliability, domain authority, and industry relevance. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced SEO specialist, you will find valuable resources and strategies to enhance your backlink portfolio.

What is the Role of Backlinks in Improving SEO Rankings?

Backlinks are vital in improving SEO rankings by acting as virtual endorsements for a website. When other respectable websites link to your material, search engines interpret it as a vote or trust of confidence, signaling that your site provides useful information. 

As a consequence, search engines regard your site as more authoritative and relevant, resulting in better ranks in search results.

Quality backlinks from trusted sources boost a site’s credibility and domain authority, signaling to search engines that it’s a reliable source of information. This, in turn, increases organic traffic and visibility, allowing the site to reach a broader audience. Backlinks drive direct traffic from referral sources and contribute to overall SEO efforts. 

However, obtaining relevant and natural backlinks is essential, as search engines are vigilant against manipulative practices. A website can enhance its SEO rankings and establish itself as a reputable player by building a diverse and authentic backlink profile.

Top Free Backlink Sites 

In this section, we will introduce you to the top free backlink sites that can provide valuable backlinks to your website. These websites have been selected carefully for their domain authority, relevancy, and reputation. Utilizing these sites can improve your website’s SEO rankings and increase your online visibility.

1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is one of the greatest free backlink generators for creating high-quality links. With a high domain authority rating of 81, Crunchbase can provide a valuable backlink to your website. It allows you to list your business for free and includes a link to your website, helping to improve your backlink profile and boost your SEO rankings.

To utilize Crunchbase for backlinks, create a profile for your business and provide accurate information about your company. Include a link to your website, and optimize your profile with relevant keywords. This will boost your backlink profile and increase your brand visibility within the Crunchbase community.

2. HARO 

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is another excellent source for obtaining high domain authority backlinks from major industry brands. It connects journalists and reporters with sources who can provide expert insights and quotes for their articles. By signing up for an account and responding to relevant queries, you can position yourself as an authority in your field and earn valuable backlinks from reputable publications.

To utilize HARO effectively, sign up for an account and choose the industries or topics that align with your expertise. You will receive three daily emails from journalists seeking sources for their articles. Respond to relevant queries with well-thought-out and informative responses, showcasing your knowledge and expertise. If your response is selected, you may receive a backlink to your website within the published article.

3. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is another popular site for obtaining free backlinks. It offers content creators, bloggers, and marketers a platform to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on content creation. You may create relationships with other industry professionals and earn backlinks by engaging in discussions and giving useful ideas.

Leverage MyBlogU for backlinks, create a profile, and actively engage in discussions and brainstorming sessions. Offer valuable advice, share your expertise, and provide unique insights to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. As you build relationships and contribute to the community, you may have opportunities to earn backlinks from other members or be featured in their content.

4. Google Sites 

Google Sites is a free and simple website builder that anybody with a Gmail account may use to construct a website. By setting up a Google Site, you can quickly and easily obtain a backlink to your website at no cost. These types of sites are indexed quickly by search engines and can improve your brand awareness and visibility.

To utilize Google Sites for backlinks, create and customize a Google Site with relevant content and information about your business. Include a link to your website within the site, and optimize the content with relevant keywords. This will generate a useful backlink and increase the appearance or relevancy of your site in search engine results pages (SERPs).

5. Google Drive Assets

Google Drive is a file-sharing and cloud-storage platform provided by Google. However, it can also be leveraged for building high-quality backlinks to your website. By utilizing Google’s entities, such as Docs, Sheets, and Forms, you can create backlinks to your site and transfer some of their high PageRank power.

To utilize Google Drive or backlinks, create and share valuable content using Google Docs, Sheets, or Forms. Embed relevant links to your website within the content, providing additional value to users and driving referral traffic. This strategy improves your backlink profile and enhances your brand visibility and authority.

6. SourceBottle 

SourceBottle is another platform that connects journalists, bloggers, and content creators with experts and sources for their articles. By responding to media queries and providing valuable insights, you can earn backlinks to your website and increase your online visibility.

To leverage SourceBottle for backlinks, sign up for an account and create a profile with accurate information about your expertise and industry. Regularly check for relevant media queries and respond with well-crafted and informative pitches. If your pitch is accepted, you may receive a backlink within the published article, delivering referral traffic to your website along with improving your SEO results.

7. BizSugar

BizSugar is a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to share and vote on the best business tips, trends, and news. It offers an opportunity to showcase expertise, connect with industry professionals, and gain valuable backlinks by contributing valuable content related to your niche. As your content gains visibility and votes, you can receive backlinks from other members, driving referral traffic to your site and boosting SEO rankings.

8. GitHub 

GitHub is a widely used repository for developers to store and manage source code. Creating a repository for your application or software on GitHub can include a backlink to your website in the About section, offering exposure and a high-quality backlink. This improves your backlink profile and boosts brand visibility within the developer community.

9. GrowthHackers 

GrowthHackers is a dynamic community of digital marketers aiming to boost business growth. Members can establish themselves as thought leaders through active participation, valuable content sharing, and increased brand visibility. The platform permits original content posting, syndication, and engagement in discussions, leading to potential backlinks and increased traffic to their websites, benefiting SEO efforts.

10. DeviantArt 

DeviantArt is an online art community where artists showcase their artwork, photography, and GIFs worldwide. By uploading their creations to DeviantArt, artists can gain exposure, connect with others, and include a backlink to their website. To utilize this platform for backlinks, artists should create an account, upload their work, and add a link to their website in the description or artist’s bio. This approach generates valuable backlinks and introduces the brand to a new audience of art enthusiasts.

11. Business 2 Community 

Business 2 Community is a website similar to BizSugar and GrowthHackers, where professionals can share news and insights on various topics. By submitting valuable content to the platform, you can earn backlinks and increase brand visibility, driving referral traffic to your website.

12. SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is an audio distribution platform and music-sharing website mainly used by artists and podcasters. Anyone can join for free to post audio tracks. Utilize SoundCloud for free backlinks by adding your website link to each track or episode. This increases brand awareness and drives traffic to your site. Simply create an account, upload audio content, and include your website link in the description or show notes to maximize the benefits of this strategy.

13. Blogger

Blogger, a Google-owned platform, offers an opportunity for link building. By setting up a free blog, you can add links to your best content, enhancing Page Authority for those URLs and improving SEO rankings. To leverage Blogger effectively, create a customized blog with your brand’s design and logo, publish valuable articles related to your industry, and include relevant links to your website. Optimize blog posts with keywords and valuable information to drive organic traffic and strengthen your backlink profile.

14. Alltop 

Alltop is an aggregator service that gathers real-time RSS feeds from blogs and websites. Users can explore the latest content from their favorite sources on this centralized platform. By submitting your blog’s RSS feed to Alltop, you may receive a backlink, increasing brand visibility and driving referral traffic. Ensure your blog offers valuable and relevant content to appeal to the Alltop audience and improve your SEO rankings.

15. Mix 

Mix is a free platform for curating and discovering various content types. Users can create collections of articles, videos, and images, sharing them with others. You can earn backlinks and boost brand visibility by curating valuable content on Mix. To utilize Mix for backlinks, create an account, curate relevant and high-quality content, and share it with your audience. As others engage with your collections, you may receive backlinks and increased website traffic, enhancing your backlink profile.

16 Weebly 

Weebly is one of the best free backlink sites for building Web 2.0 backlinks. You can design an appealing website for your business using an effortless drag-and-drop interface, incorporating backlinks to enhance SEO results. Sign up for a free account, customize your website with valuable content, images, and videos, and include backlinks to boost brand visibility and credibility.

17. Wix 

Wix is another one of the most popular free backlink sites used by SEO professionals to create an online presence. Building a Wix website with optimized content and relevant backlinks can enhance your backlink profile and improve SEO rankings. Sign up for a free Wix account, customize your website with valuable content, images, and videos, and include backlinks to your main site within the content. This strategy provides valuable backlinks and boosts your website’s visibility in search engine results.

18. Yola

Yola is a user-friendly website builder enabling the quick creation of professional websites. Building a site with Yola, including backlinks to your business, enhances your backlink profile and boosts SEO rankings. Create an account, customize your site with valuable content, images, and videos, and include relevant backlinks for improved brand visibility and credibility.

19. Live Journal

Live Journal is a blogging platform where users can write about their thoughts and experiences. By creating an account and including backlinks to your website in your posts, you can build a backlink profile and improve your SEO. Write blog posts related to your industry, add backlinks, and engage with your audience to drive traffic and increase brand visibility.

20. Tumblr

Tumblr, a microblogging site, allows users to post multimedia content and has been a valuable source of free backlinks due to its ability to pass link equity. Although its popularity has declined, it remains useful for adding backlinks. To leverage Tumblr for backlinks, create an account, post valuable content, include backlinks, optimize with relevant keywords, and provide valuable information to increase brand awareness and drive traffic.

21. WordPress

WordPress, the leading content management system, powers over 40% of websites worldwide. Its self-hosted version offers greater customization options. Utilize WordPress for backlinks by creating a self-hosted website and publishing valuable content related to your niche. Optimize blog posts with keywords and include backlinks to your site. Engage with readers via comments and social media to further improve your presence in search engine results and overall SEO efforts.

22. Yelp

Yelp is another high-quality site for establishing an internet presence for a local business, which is why it is included on this list of free backlinks sites. However, to be approved, you must have a local address that can be confirmed. Once authenticated, you will receive a high-quality backlink for free.

23. Google My Business Profile

Any serious business owner should create a Google My Business profile. It not only aids you in ranking higher in local search results but also permits you to generate additional authority for your website by linking your brand to a Google-owned organization. Check our other article on adding keywords to Google My Business to get the most out of your GMB page.

24.  TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor was founded to provide consumers with travel-related suggestions and recommendations. If you own a hotel, airline, rental car service, restaurant, or other company that people use or visit while traveling, this high-quality site is a great place to acquire a backlink and consumer feedback.

25. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a customer review website that contains reviews of businesses from all around the world. You may sign up and have your company listed and add a backlink. Then, encourage your consumers to submit reviews for your site, which can help you increase your brand’s authority in your sector.

26. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for any website owner or specialty. This platform connects you with other experts who are interested in your material. See this linked tutorial for more information on establishing LinkedIn backlinks for SEO.

27. Medium

Medium is a free online publication platform that features original and syndicated material from journalists, opinion leaders, and professionals. Check out this other website for further information on constructing Medium backlinks for SEO and making the most of your links.

28. Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A platform where users seek and share knowledge. While it doesn’t primarily serve for backlink building, providing valuable answers related to your expertise can indirectly drive traffic to your site. Include links when genuinely relevant. However, be cautious not to overly self-promote, as Quora values informative contributions.

29. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking and discovery site. It allows users to pin images with backlinks to their websites, making it a useful platform for driving referral traffic and potentially earning backlinks if your content becomes popular and shared.

30. Facebook

Although Facebook may not immediately emerge as a top website for free backlinks, several methods exist to leverage this social media network to obtain links. You may discover every approach for creating Facebook backlinks for SEO on this other page to extract as much link equity as possible from this site.

31. Twitter

Twitter is a popular site for various sorts of Internet marketers, and it’s an excellent place to obtain a steady supply of backlinks. Read this Twitter backlinks for SEO tutorial to learn how to produce quality links to your site from this network.

32. YouTube

Every digital marketing plan that incorporates link-building should include YouTube. Why? Because the platform allows you to establish do-follow and nofollow links while increasing brand recognition for your business. You may make more than five connections on YouTube, all detailed on YouTube backlinks for an SEO page.

33. Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular video-sharing platform. While it does allow users to include website URLs in their video descriptions or profiles, it is primarily used for sharing videos rather than as a dedicated backlink-building platform. It can still be beneficial if your content is video-based.

34. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and while you can cite your website as a reference, it’s essential to abide by Wikipedia’s guidelines and ensure the link is relevant and genuinely adds value to the article.

35. Industry Blogs

Industry blogs offer opportunities for guest posting, which is an excellent way to earn backlinks. To make the most of this strategy, choose reputable blogs relevant to your niche with good domain authority, ensuring that the backlinks gained can positively impact your SEO efforts.

36. Minds

Minds is a groundbreaking platform for generating free backlinks. As a blockchain-based “crypto social network,” Minds rewards users with tokens, which can be used to amplify their content or support peers. With 2.5 million registered users and 300,000 monthly active users, it offers an innovative approach to building backlinks while engaging in a dynamic social media community.

37. Unsplash

Unsplash is a renowned platform for free high-quality images. It is not primarily a backlink-building platform; however, if you provide images there, you can attribute them to your website link, potentially driving traffic.

38. Flickr

Flickr is an image-sharing platform where you can upload and share your photos. Like Unsplash, you can credit your images with your website link, potentially driving some traffic. However, specialized backlink-focused sites might not be as powerful for building backlinks. Still, if your images gain popularity, it can increase brand visibility and indirect traffic to your website.

39. SlideShare

SlideShare is an online resource that allows you to share presentations and documents. It allows users to include backlinks in their slides, making it a valuable platform for both sharing content and earning backlinks.

40. Wattpad

Wattpad is a writing and reading community. While it allows authors to showcase their work, including backlinks within the content might not be as straightforward. However, you can still use it to engage with readers while promoting your website indirectly.

Final Take on Free Backlink Sites

In conclusion, while free backlink sites can offer opportunities for improving SEO rankings, adopting a strategic and ethical approach is crucial. Prioritize relevance, quality content, and diversified link sources to build a strong and organic backlink profile that positively impacts your website’s search engine rankings and overall online presence.

Remember that the effectiveness of free backlink sites may vary over time, so regularly assess their impact on your overall SEO strategy and adapt as needed to achieve sustainable, long-term results.

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