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19 Best Content Marketing Examples For Affiliate Marketers

Your affiliate business can use content marketing to attract leads, sell your affiliate products or services to prospective clients, and close sales. However, creating affiliate marketing content and getting attention is not easy. This is why we have collected the best content marketing examples for you to learn from and build a winning affiliate content marketing campaign.

To use content marketing effectively, you must deliver the right content at each stage of interaction with your audience. Take it as gaining client trust based on the value and problem-solving that comes with your affiliate content.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a process used to attract an audience by creating engaging content across all mediums, from blogs, social media channels, eBooks, forums, and more. When done right, it establishes expertise, organically grows your affiliate business, boosts your visibility, and increases sales, which leads to increased affiliate commissions.

The consistency of your content marketing establishes and nurtures relationships with your audience. When your clients think of your blog as a partner focused on their success and a source of advice and guidance, they will close by clicking your affiliate links without thinking twice.

Now that you know content marketing, let’s look at different examples you can apply in your affiliate marketing business.

What Are The Best Examples of Content Marketing?

1. Great Video Marketing Examples 

Videos are emotionally impactful mediums, and people spend approximately 100 minutes watching videos online daily.

Furthermore, studies show that most buyers want to see video content from a business they support. For that reason, most companies are taking advantage of video marketing, and it’s for a good reason.

Is that a strategy that you can apply to your affiliate marketing blog? Well, yes. Various affiliate programs monetize several YouTube channels.

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Check out some fantastic video marketing examples you can use for inspiration.

a) Blendtec

Content Marketing Examples: Blendtec
Image credit:

Blendtec is one of the best video content marketing tools for drawing inspiration. They have demonstrated that videos work regardless of the service or product you sell.

Blenders are probably one of the most uninteresting products, but this channel makes them more interesting when it uses videos to sell to its clients.

Blendtec has two YouTube channels: Will It Blend, with 855K subscribers, and  Blendtec Official, with 16K subscribers. Both channels aim to promote their blenders – an option available to nutrition hobbyists who may want to encourage nutrition affiliate programs. Affiliate marketers promoting kitchenware or food affiliate programs like the Primal Kitchen affiliate program, where blenders are a mainstay of their product usage.

Their video marketing strategy is what puts Blendtec on the map. While not all people who watch their videos will buy a blender, they have built a lot of brand recognition over time. Additionally, they have received massive ROI for their videos, with a 700% increase in sales over three years.

If you have blog marketing blenders with affiliate offers, you can adopt their strategy for the same returns over a certain period.

b) Blogilates

Content Marketing Examples: Blogilates

Blogilates is a well-known fitness guru on YouTube who promotes fitness as a lifestyle and several fitness affiliate programs in her video content. Her channel has over 6.8M million subscribers, and most of its videos have over a million views within a few weeks after their release.

Cassey Ho, the owner of Blogilates, creates high-quality content, affiliate guides, reviews, and informational pieces for her audience.

Most of her content is helpful, accessible, and informational. Over time, she has built a bond with her audience, which has helped increase audience retention, attract new subscribers, and increase clicks to her affiliate marketing products.

c) Airbnb

Content Marketing Examples: Airbnb

Airbnb is a well-established company that has thrived through video content marketing. Most of its videos use a storytelling strategy to build client trust. Through story videos, Airbnb humanizes its brand, building stronger relationships with its audience.  

Creating regular video content for their YouTube channel gives them the consistency they need to keep their audience engaged. The company uses videos as one of its primary communication mediums. As a company in the travel niche, with lots of competition, sending their message through various content marketing channels, including YouTube, is crucial to success.

If you have a blog in the travel niche, you can adopt Airbnb’s style of videos to showcase affiliate products like holiday homes, booking discounts, and many other travel affiliate programs (e.g., Viator,, Skyscanner, Trip Advisor, and Travelocity). Building a video-based audience is a good strategy for making your affiliate website a travel brand.

2. Written Content Marketing Examples 

Written content marketing remains the vast majority of content marketing out there. Companies that use blogs as their form of marketing receive over 97 percent more links to their sites and, in turn, get over 400 percent more indexed pages for the SERPs.

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Here are some of the best blogs you can replicate for your affiliate marketing content strategy.

a) Shopify’s Blog 

Content Marketing Examples: Shopify's blog

The Shopify e-commerce platform has made it easy for anyone who wants to run an online shop to set up one. Their blog articles reflect on their journey and those of people who run their shops on Shopify. They also have blogs about using Shopify apps, product photography tips, and entertaining pop culture content.

What makes Shopify’s blogs successful is its understanding of its audience. Again, by creating high-quality content, Shopify has ranked in hundreds of highly competitive terms.

Shopify is one of the most popular website builders for e-commerce shops. The company runs its affiliate program, which falls under both software affiliate programs and website builder affiliate programs, in our Kontely affiliate database. An affiliate marketing blogger can use the strategy that Shopify’s blog uses to promote Shopify’s products and earn affiliate commissions to drive users to Shopify.

b) Smitten Kitchen

Smitten kitchen content marketing
Image credit:

Smitten Kitchen is an award-winning food blog by Deb Perelman. This blog revolves around her kitchen, where she posts unique recipes. For instance, you will find cakes or bread recipes made entirely from scratch or tutorials on creating essential food snacks. 

She has a fantastic feature, Surprise Me, where she posts random recipes suggested by her audience. This way, she can keep her audience engaged. She also promotes a lot of affiliate programs in the food niche. Her blog gets over 200k visits per month, according to Ahrefs, and has collected over 4m+ backlinks. Any affiliate marketer would want a website with such metrics.

Image source: Kontely

3. Social Media Marketing Examples 

Regardless of where content is hosted initially, it will be promoted on social media. Social media marketing involves engaging an audience via different platforms. For an affiliate marketer, social media provides proof and helps you build another audience away from your website’s visitors.

Here are outstanding examples of social media marketing that you can borrow.

 a) Starbucks

Starbucks content sharing

Starbucks’ Instagram page is an inspirational platform for most marketers. Their marketing strategy is generally well-produced and managed. 

They have great posts that are intriguing to look at. One of their most recent campaigns, # StarbucksRoastery, caused a lot of buzz. 

Most of their campaigns are successful because they use real people and trends to reach their audience. Again, they have built strong relationships with their clients by sharing real-life stories. Can you use your audience or yourself to share experiences with your affiliate products on social media?

b) Pringles: #PlayWithPringles

Pringles hashtag

Pringle’s social media marketing strategy began in Europe and was built on existing TikTok content. The brand saw that most TikTok users were creating content using their cans and decided to create a challenge as a brand campaign.

This way, Pringles supported creative videos around their cans, beginning with more and more content growth. Within one or two months, there were over a billion views across 300+ million videos.

The entire campaign received an average of 13% engagement, making TikTok one of the best platforms for the most successful social media campaign examples.

c) Adobe #CreativityForAll

Content Marketing Examples: Adobe #Creativityforall
Image credit:

Adobe provides design software for professional creators and designers. Although they use different content marketing types, like ebooks, they also use Twitter to promote their business-to-business (B2B) services.

They post inspirational visual content, educational posts, and tips for better illustration. Adobe also gives graphic designers credit, gives creators tips, and showcases their brand intelligently.

Their regular use of images and videos in each post makes it easy for Twitter audiences to engage. Can you adopt this strategy for your Twitter page, too?

4. User-Generated Content Marketing Examples 

Regarding content creation, user-generated content is a win-win for both consumers and marketers. User-generated content ensures that loyal consumers campaign for brands they believe in.

The basic idea is that previous or existing users provide public recommendations to other customers to help them decide.

Here are user-generated content marketing examples for affiliate marketers to learn from:

a) Netflix

Netflix marketing plan

Netflix has promoted some shows through creative user-generated content (UGC) – in this case, user comments. They extensively promote fans’ posts using simple hashtags to spread the word about Netflix’s upcoming premiers. Because of these actions, different people are lured to their pages to learn more about the series.

Thousands of people start posting images of the specific shows they are watching using the hashtags or titles of the show. For example, using this approach, Netflix generated billions of weekly views for the Stranger Things show.

Affiliate marketers can adopt the same strategy for social media channels to promote the affiliate products they want their readers or fans to buy.

b) WayfairAtHome

Wayfair’s UGC campaign requests its clients share photos of its products in their homes. Using hashtags like #WayfairAtHome and #WayfairPetSquad, users can share their home setups featuring Wayfair products.

The marketing strategy is an excellent way for clients to show off their beautiful homes, and the company uses photos as an incentive to promote the products in the images. Showing their products in use by real people has massively increased their sales.

You can also ask users who purchased the products your affiliate website promoted to them to showcase them in comments sections or using a hashtag campaign like the one above.

c) Monsoon

Another perfect example of UGC is Monsoon. These fashion retailers ask their clients to share photos of purchased products using the hashtag #mymonsoon.

The images posted by their clients are pulled into on-site galleries, enabling other clients to shop from the photos they see. In addition, seeing real people wearing and enjoying their products will help new clients purchase and recreate the look they want.

5. Podcast Marketing Examples

For most digital marketers, high-quality podcasts have been highly lucrative. With the right equipment, you can produce and distribute via a podcast network. Though podcast content marketing is far from a universal solution for affiliate content needs, it has worked perfectly for some.

Here are successful Podcast Content Marketing examples.

a) Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Made Easy is an excellent example of a successful podcast campaign. Amy has helped over 250,000 entrepreneurs with her top-rated business podcast.

Image credit:

The podcast typically covers everything from content marketing topics to optimization and email marketing automation. She also invites industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to share their strategies and progress. This way, she can keep her clients educated and inspired.

In addition, she promotes several affiliate programs like business affiliate programs (e.g., Fiverr) and email marketing affiliate programs (e.g., ConvertKit, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, and GetResponse, among others) to her listeners.

b) TEDTalks Daily

Image credit:

Ted is a company that has branched out into podcasts despite investing heavily in videos. They have TedTalks daily to capture a different subset of the audience who might enjoy stories about any subject, including personal finance, home improvement, or coding. This keeps their audience entertained and educated.

 c) Social Pros Podcast

Image credit:

Socialpros Podcasts is another excellent example of podcast content marketing hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown. This is the best podcast to turn on if you want to improve your content marketing performance via social media strategies.

The podcast features interviews with experienced social media strategists who share strategies on how their businesses use social media to engage their audience.

They direct their listeners to various social media marketing affiliate programs like the Sprout Social affiliate program – where their listeners can purchase a plan on Sprout Social, and the podcast earns a commission.

6. eBook Examples

Digital products like eBooks are a great way to raise brand awareness. You can leave links to relevant affiliate products in the eBooks and earn from any purchases your readers make.

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Here are a couple of examples of eBook content marketing.

a) The State of Personalization Ebook 


The State of Personalization by Drift is an ebook that provides guidelines on personalizing customer experiences in business.

The book provides reasoning and statistics with credible sources to educate people on unique content and how to design scalable online experiences for users. 

Ultimately, this ebook motivates businesses to leave templated content marketing methods and exchange them for high-quality personalized content.

In this eBook, Drift promotes its software-as-a-service (Saas) solutions. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, you can easily add affiliate links to whichever services you promote in the eBook.

  b) The Manager’s Guide to Effective Feedback

Image credit:

The Manager’s Guide to Effective Feedback by Impraise is an excellent example of an ebook that helps organizations manage employee development and performance. It provides the most effective business-to-business (B2B) strategies for engaging prospective leads.

7. Interactive Content Examples

Interactive content marketing is creating content that requires and encourages user participation instead of just passive viewing. Audiences are driven to interact due to curiosity. When well implemented, your audience will feel like they are connecting with someone who understands their challenges and wants to provide solutions.

Let’s look at some examples of good interactive content marketing.

a) Wordle by The New York Times

Content Marketing Examples: Wordle

Wordle is a popular online game by the New York Times that allows its users to guess a five-letter word daily. The game keeps track of the user’s winning streak, and they can brag about their wins on social media.

Due to this, the game now gets over 300,000 plays daily and attracts dozens of subscribers monthly. Most importantly, it has earned over 80,000 backlinks while driving over 109 million users per month, according to Ahrefs.

Image source: Kontely

Could you create an interactive game in your affiliate niche for your readers? It might not get a million visits, but it would make your affiliate blog a stopover for readers.

If you are a gamer running a gaming affiliate website, consider having your own little game that people can play on your website. You can promote gaming affiliate programs on the page, too.

b) Google Web Stories

Image credit:

Google web stories help creators place their content in front of the largest audience. You can easily add a Google web story to the backend of your website, making it easier to upload videos.

Like Instagram, TikTok, or design platforms like Canvas, you can craft unique stories using captions, texts, and colors.

The fantastic thing is that Google Web Stores allows you to position yourself as an expert on a specific topic. This way, your prospective audiences are driven to your site based on your expertise.


We have looked at various content marketing examples in these subcategories: video, blogs (written content), user-generated content, podcasts, eBooks, and interactive content. Did you find any of these examples particularly interesting? Would you adopt it for your affiliate content website?

Let us know in the comments section.


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