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High Ticket Affiliate Programs: A Comprehensive Guide for Success

In the world of affiliate marketing, numerous programs and opportunities abound, making it a challenge for marketers to identify the most rewarding high-paying options. Various commission structures and payout methods can complicate decision-making and even result in wasted efforts on low-paying, unsatisfactory programs. Fortunately, recent developments have given rise to new, lucrative possibilities for both seasoned and novice affiliate marketers.

This article will explore the concept of high-ticket affiliate marketing, and present a selection of the top high-paying affiliate programs available in retail and business sectors. These programs offer a chance for marketers to generate higher revenues with fewer sales, enabling them to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Key Takeaways

  • High-ticket affiliate marketing offers lucrative opportunities
  • Top programs cover retail and business sectors
  • These programs enable marketers to make more with fewer sales

Exploring High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High-ticket affiliate marketing revolves around promoting products that yield substantial commissions, often exceeding $100 per sale. In some cases, the commissions can even rise to five-figure amounts, depending on the promoted items. This approach allows marketers to generate substantial profits through a limited number of sales.

In contrast, traditional affiliate marketing focuses on low-ticket items. To earn revenue, marketers must build a strong audience base on their websites or social media platforms, ensuring high traffic or follower count. The success of this model relies heavily on the size of the audience.

By promoting high-ticket items with greater commission rates, marketers can concentrate on catering to the ideal target audience instead of solely amassing a large following.

Examples of high-ticket products include:

  • Software
  • Financial investment tools
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury travel

Affiliate networks, such as ShareASale, provide access to these high-ticket product campaigns. Alternatively, marketers can collaborate with companies directly. High-ticket affiliate programs typically target affiliates with significant influence in their respective industries rather than newcomers in the field. The rationale behind this is that credible influencers can better persuade their audience to invest in pricey products and services, as opposed to low-cost alternatives.

How much can high-ticket affiliate marketers earn?

Income for high-ticket affiliate marketers varies based on the specific program and products promoted. Some might offer a flat fee, such as $2,000 per referral, while others provide a high percentage of sales for costly items or services.

According to a ZipRecruiter study, high-ticket affiliate marketers earn an average of $46,666 annually, which is around $4,000 per month. In contrast, the average income for affiliate marketers in general is approximately $73,000 per year or slightly above $6,000 per month.

Higher earnings for regular affiliate marketers compared to their high-ticket counterparts can be attributed to the number of sales. High-ticket affiliate marketers might earn more per sale, but they may also encounter more obstacles compared to lower ticket programs. Challenges include increased competition for high commission programs and selective customers when it comes to purchasing pricey items. Success in this niche often requires a deeper understanding and solid content strategy to maintain sales.

Earnings in affiliate marketing often correlate with the effort put into the work. For example, experienced affiliate marketer Pat Flynn has reportedly generated over $3.5 million in affiliate revenue since 2010. Similarly, affiliate marketing expert Ryan Robinson earned nearly half of his $35,000+ monthly blog income in March 2021 through affiliate sales. These examples demonstrate the potential for significant earnings within the high-ticket affiliate marketing realm.

15 Top High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Shopify

Ideal for: Business and entrepreneurship

The Shopify Affiliate Program is an outstanding high-ticket program for those involved in educating about entrepreneurship. Affiliates can earn a 200% commission for every successful merchant sign-up.


  • Active website ownership and operation
  • Established audience
  • Original content creation (online courses, blog posts, videos, guides)
  • Expertise in commerce, entrepreneurship, Shopify, or other ecommerce platforms

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 200% of the sold monthly plan
  • Payment method: Direct payment via bank account or PayPal
  • Payment model: Payouts in USD upon reaching a $10 minimum or biweekly
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

2. WP Engine

Ideal for: Small and large businesses

WP Engine provides premium WordPress hosting services and themes. Affiliates can earn between $200 and $7,500, depending on the plan they sell.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Minimum $200 per WP Engine sale; 35% of StudioPress theme sales
  • Payment method: PayPal or ACH
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 180 days for WP Engine referrals or 60 days for StudioPress theme sales

3. Liquid Web

Ideal for: Small businesses and growing enterprises

Liquid Web offers premium hosting services with round-the-clock customer support. Affiliates can earn 150% commission per sale, with a minimum payout of $150 and a maximum of $7,000.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 150% commission, minimum $150 per sale, maximum $7,000
  • Payment method: Direct deposit
  • Payment model: Payments made 15 days after the lock date (approximately 60 days action-locking period)
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

4. ClickFunnels

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels is a popular landing page builder for entrepreneurs. Affiliates can earn between 20% and 100% commission on select products.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Between 20% and 100% commission on select products
  • Payment method: ACH, direct deposit, PayPal, check, wire transfer
  • Payment model: Payments sent on the 1st and the 15th of every month through Tipalti; $100 minimum commission required for payout
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

5. HubSpot

Ideal for: Businesses

HubSpot offers marketing, sales, and customer service software for businesses. It provides three affiliate tiers with various benefits and commission rates.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring (up to one year) and custom
  • Payment method: PayPal and direct deposit
  • Payment model: 30 days after invoicing
  • Cookie duration: 180 days

6. Amazing Selling Machine

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to sell on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Up to $1,1980 per lifetime ASM sold; 25% per Amazing Academy Plus subscription
  • Payment method: PayPal, check, wire transfer
  • Payment model: Commissions paid on the 15th of each month after a 30-day refund period

7. Authority Hacker

Ideal for: Online entrepreneurs and content creators

Authority Hacker helps users build and grow their online businesses. Affiliates can earn a 40% commission on sales of the Authority Hacker courses.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 40% on sold courses
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

8. Smartproxy

Ideal for: SEO professionals and digital marketers

Smartproxy provides a residential and mobile proxy network. Affiliates can earn a 20% commission on every sale they generate.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 20% on sales
  • Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

9. MemberMouse

Ideal for: Membership sites owners

MemberMouse is a WordPress membership plugin. Affiliates can earn a 25% recurring commission on each successful referral.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 25% recurring
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

10. Fiverr

Ideal for: Freelancers and entrepreneurs

Fiverr is a global freelance marketplace. Affiliates can earn up to $150 for each first-time buyer.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: Up to $150 per first-time buyer
  • Payment method: PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

11. Semrush

Ideal for: Digital marketers and SEO professionals

Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing platform. Affiliates can earn a 40% recurring commission on subscriptions.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 40% recurring
  • Payment method: PayPal or wire transfer
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 10 years

12. Kinsta

Ideal for: Bloggers and business owners

Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting. Affiliates can earn from $50 to $500 per referral, depending on the plan they sell.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: $50 to $500 per referral
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment model: 60 days after reaching a minimum of $50 in earnings
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

13. Spocket

Ideal for: Dropshipping businesses

Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace that connects retailers and suppliers. Affiliates can earn a 20-30% recurring commission on sales.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 20-30% recurring
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

14. Urikar

Ideal for: Health and fitness enthusiasts

Urikar is a brand that offers massage guns and other fitness equipment. Affiliates can earn a 30% commission on each sale they generate.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 30% on sales
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

15. Villiers

Ideal for: Luxury travel and private jet charter services

Villiers offers private jet charter services. Affiliates can earn a 30% commission on Villiers’ net earnings for each booking they refer.

Key details:

  • Commission rate: 30% of net earnings per booking
  • Payment method: Bank transfer
  • Payment model: Monthly payouts
  • Cookie duration: 365 days

High-Priced vs. Affordable Affiliate Marketing

High-priced affiliate marketing deals with the promotion of expensive items, having a higher earnings potential but facing greater competition. In this approach, affiliates focus on a specific niche and establish themselves as subject matter experts to attract their target audience. Joining high-priced affiliate programs can be difficult due to high competition and strict requirements like audience reach or a certain number of followers. However, the potential for larger payouts is a significant advantage, as fewer sales can generate high revenue. An example would be promoting a $32,000 private jet charter with Villiers.

On the other hand, affordable affiliate marketing promotes low-priced products, usually costing around $100 or less. This approach can be advantageous for those who have a loyal following that trusts their recommendations. Affiliates might also earn commissions from actions other than sales, such as email signups. A well-known example of this approach is the Amazon affiliate marketing program, which offers access to millions of products ranging from $25 to several hundred dollars.

Affordable affiliate marketing is beginner-friendly, as products can be more easily promoted on blogs or social media channels. To generate sizable income, however, a larger volume of product sales is necessary.

Boost Affiliate Earnings with Less Sales

By selecting the ideal high-ticket affiliate program related to your audience’s interests, you can significantly increase your earnings in the competitive online market. Programs spanning various niches—such as health, beauty, gaming, fashion, and luxury—cater to different experience levels, from novice to advanced marketers.

By developing digital marketing expertise and specializing in your desired niche, you will be well-equipped to join a high-ticket affiliate marketing program and enjoy the benefits of higher commission rates.

High-Ticket Affiliate Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

A High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Example

The Kinsta affiliate program serves as a prime example of high-ticket affiliate marketing. Affiliates can earn up to $500 per subscription sale, along with a potential 10% recurring lifetime commission. By selling basic and higher-tier Kinsta packages, affiliates can generate over $1,000 in passive income.

Top Earning Affiliate Marketer

Pat Flynn stands out as the highest-earning affiliate marketer, amassing millions of dollars in revenue since 2010. Flynn shares his expertise and experiences on the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.

Leading High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

Some of the most widely recognized high-ticket affiliate marketing programs are:

  • Shopify
  • WP Engine
  • Liquid Web
  • HubSpot
  • Authority Hacker
  • Fiverr
  • Spocket

Frequently Asked Questions

High-Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Here are some well-known high-paying affiliate programs suitable for beginners:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Bluehost
  • ClickFunnels
  • ConvertKit
  • Shopify

Great High Ticket Travel Program Commissions

High ticket travel programs offering great commission rates include:

  • Expedia
  • Sandals Resorts
  • Skyscanner
  • TripAdvisor

Successful High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Examples

Some successful high ticket affiliate marketers are:

  • Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)
  • John Chow (
  • Stuart Walker (NicheHacks)
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (Making Sense of Cents)

Top Health Affiliate Programs

Here are some top health affiliate programs offering high ticket products:

  • Organifi
  • 1st Phorm
  • BioTrust
  • Market Health
  • SellHealth

Starting a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business

To start a successful high ticket affiliate marketing business, follow these steps:

  1. Research and choose a profitable niche
  2. Select high ticket products or programs
  3. Create valuable and informative content
  4. Implement SEO strategies
  5. Optimize your website and conversion rates
  6. Utilize email marketing and social media

Popular Platforms for High Ticket Products

Popular platforms for finding high ticket products include:

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • Impact Radius
  • JVZoo
  • ShareASale
  • WarriorPlus


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