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Category: Content Marketing

Apr 11
50 Content Marketing Books to Boost your Marketing in 2022

With the right content marketing books, you can keep your skills sharp and stay competitive in the industry. Even so, sometimes picking the right book out of hundreds of books can be challenging. Which books will give you the right skills to boost your brand? Which books will cater to your industry? Given that there […]

Mar 26
User-Generated Content Marketing: A Complete Guide

User-generated content marketing drives brand loyalty and boosts brand awareness. Your customers are valuable brand ambassadors. For this reason, sharing user-generated  content from them is like getting a free advertisement for your brand. In fact, this is the perfect way to boost your traditional content marketing efforts. What is user-generated content? User generation content is […]

Mar 21
The 5 Stages of Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing can help you boost your conversion rate by turning more leads into paying customers. For this reason, it’s important to develop a good demand marketing strategy. Before we talk about how to develop an effective strategy, let’s talk about exactly what demand generation marketing is. What is demand generation marketing? This is […]

Mar 19
How to Write a Headline that Captures Attention

Knowing how to write a headline that will win your reader’s heart is an important part of writing an engaging piece of content. After all, your headline is the first place people will look when they click on something you’ve written. It’s crucial that you understand how to write a headline that will capture a […]

Mar 06
Writing a Bio for a Website: Best Practices

Writing a bio for a website is one of the best things you can do to build your personal brand as a content creator. A well-developed bio can help you grow your organic reach and attract more clients. Developing a strong bio might seem like a no-brainer. After all, why stress over a mere 100 […]

Mar 06
How to do a Case Study: 3 Simple Steps

Knowing how to do a case study can help you convince potential clients to buy your core product or service. When well done, case studies help you build trust with your audience. However, a case study is more than just good storytelling. To do it well, you need to understand which elements make it such […]

Feb 05
Why is Content Marketing Important for your Brand?

Why is content marketing important? Because good content marketing builds your reputation as a thought leader and helps you connect with your audience. A good content marketing strategy helps you to consistently produce valuable information which people start to rely on over time. By using the different types of content marketing, you can build trust […]

Feb 05
The Best Time to Publish a Blog Post for your Brand

Knowing the best time to publish a blog post can help you reach more people and boost your engagement whenever you publish a new post. So, what is the best time for your new blog post? Many bloggers prefer to publish their posts at a time when everyone is online. Similarly, there are bloggers who […]

Feb 05
How to Write a White Paper that Will Engage People

Understanding how to write a white paper will help you position your brand as a thought leader. In addition, a good-quality white paper will generate leads and boost future sales of your core products or services. What is a white paper? A white paper is a text-focused, long-form piece of content that addresses a business-related […]

Feb 05
How Visual Content Marketing Can Help you Stand Out

Visual content marketing not only helps you create fresh, unique content, but it also helps you increase engagement with your audience. For a content marketer, visual content is a great way to add personality to the content you create. Ultimately, customers find brands with personality relatable, memorable and easy to engage with. Taking time to […]

Jan 26
Build a B2B Content Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

Successful B2B content marketing depends on an in-depth understanding of what your target audience needs and when they need it. If you don’t understand these two things, then you’ll find yourself constantly struggling to produce content which people value. What is B2B Content Marketing? This is an easy question to answer. B2B content marketing is […]

Jan 24
How to Choose a Good Content Marketing Course

A good content marketing course will help you keep producing content which helps your brand to stand out. Over time, updating your skills regularly will help give both you and your clients an edge over the competition. So, how do I choose a good content marketing course? Content marketing is time consuming enough without adding […]