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6 Best Blogger Outreach Services To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Brand 

We live in the digital age, where brands and companies employ affiliate marketing methods to stay connected with their clients and thrive in business. One highly effective approach is tapping into top-notch blogger outreach services.

These services open doors for collaboration with influential figures, boost brand visibility, and secure mentions from high-authority sources. If you haven’t incorporated blogger outreach into your affiliate marketing content strategy, now’s the perfect moment to do so.

This post delves into the finest blogger outreach services to help your business flourish. But before we dive in, let’s take a moment to grasp the essence of blogger outreach.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is an affiliate marketing strategy to foster relationships with bloggers, aiming to fulfill affiliate content marketing objectives or meet SEO (KPIs). Essentially, it entails affiliate marketing brands or companies reaching out to well-known bloggers, influencers, or publishers to amplify the promotion of their products or services.

The core goal of blogger outreach is to sway individuals with substantial, targeted audiences into discussing your business and outsourcing affiliate marketing links to your website. This approach ultimately drives more traffic and enhances sales.

Why are Blogger Outreach Services Necessary In Affiliate Marketing?

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1. Outreach Services Can Elevate Your Visibility

Every brand must have an online presence to thrive in this fast-paced and technologically driven world. However, creating an affiliate marketing website is not enough; you need to promote it. The more visible your brand is online, the more people within your niche will visit your website. 

Therefore, you can reach a large audience quickly by featuring your affiliate marketing content on trendy blogs or websites. This way, you can improve your brand’s visibility, leading to an increased conversion rate. 

Plus, niche edits increase visibility, boost your site’s search engine ranking, and draw more organic traffic, strengthening your SEO campaign.

2. Outreach Services Connects You With Your Target Audience

Another important of blogger outreach is that it can connect you to your targeted audiences. You will promote your products or affiliate marketing services on sites with well-established online presence and publishing-related niche products. This will allow you to connect with a specific audience, thus helping you to get relevant and targeted traffic to your site, leading to a better return on your investment.

3. Blogger Outreach Services Provides an Incredible Way to Earn Backlinks

Many corporations try to gather as many credible backlinks as possible because they lead more prospective clients to their websites. Plus, the more backlinks you buy and put on your site from trusted and high-authority sites, the better your site’s position dominates the SERPs. So, by engaging influential bloggers, you’ll increase your backlinks and reap the rewards it yields. Discover how many backlinks you need on page 1 and increase your online visibility.

4. Blogger Outreach Services help Increase Trust and Credibility

Earning trust from customers is challenging, particularly for online businesses. Nevertheless, when a high authority or reliable blog promotes your products or services on their site, your potential customers are more likely to trust the brand. Therefore, by hiring an influencer in your niche market, you can establish trust and credibility, which helps build loyal relationships for your brand, resulting in more sales and engagement.

5. Blogger Outreach Services Are Cost-Effective

Marketing is a fundamental part of any business, but you need to be heedful and not invest too many resources into it; you won’t see the returns. Luckily, blogger outreach is a cost-effective promotional affiliate marketing strategy that can help you boost your marketing and SEO strategy. You’ll reach your intended audience through the influencer’s work without spending too much. 

Best Blogger Outreach Services for Affiliate Marketing

1. OutreachPete

One of the best blogger outreach services that will make your outreach campaigns easy is the OutreachPete. These providers deliver a reliable, stress-free solution to build links at a competitive price. In addition, every link published from this site is within a niche-relevant post on a relevant site, ensuring that you get the absolute best placement for your money.

Unlike other blogger outreach services, OutreachPete ensures that every site they work on generates organic traffic. It defeats DA, DR, TF, or any other metric as it demonstrates that Google values the site. In addition to adding DA, DR, and organic traffic, they look further into traffic patterns to ensure no big drops.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager if you take up a monthly subscription. The manager will work with you monthly to understand your needs and ensure they are always met.

The pricing plan starts at $140 per month, but depending on your desired services, you can choose others priced at $200 and $270. 

2. Rhino Rank

Another excellent outreach provider that will bolster your rankings, drive traffic, and improve your revenue is the Rhino Rank. They will help you find relevant content for your project or site at a relatively affordable price. Amazingly, they specialize in SEO results and ensure you have significant experience working with them. 

Rhino Rank provides guest posts and curated links to help increase your site’s rankings on search engine result pages. Most significantly, it offers more curated link services, which is the unique offering they are known for. Additionally, they will provide complete control of their link-building service. You can pick the URLs you want to boost, insert your affiliate marketing niche, and add anchor texts.

If you select Rhino Rank services, you will receive the services for as low as $95 as your initial investment. With this investment, you can enjoy the unique and high-quality services that this company has to offer.

3. OutreachMama

OutreachMama offers two link-building services: a pure outreach package and a guest posting one. The most popular option is pure outreach, which works more like a PR service than an SEO agency. 

This link-building service involves strategy design, pitching, prospecting, outreach, high-quality content creation, reply handling, attaining links, and reporting. It is meant to help you grow your link profile and keep your site in line with Google’s evolving algorithm.

The Guest Posting Service gives you access to existing blogger connections from OutreachMama. Establishing these blogger connections is rigid and seeks to ensure they meet certain thresholds. Some necessary metrics include DR, DA, and organic traffic.

4. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a web-based influencer outreach site that helps create thriving outreach campaigns. With a database of millions of users, you are guaranteed to find the best influences from different niches worldwide.

This outreach service provider filters through millions of influencers on different social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, to find the ones that will capture your audience’s attention.

In addition, they will help manage your outreach or marketing campaigns through a built-in CRM. You can add team members, organize leads, filter results, and track your history. You can hire them to provide influencer marketing services if you have issues increasing your website’s search engine visibility.

5. is a service provider that specializes in outreach-oriented link-building campaigns. Amazingly, they customize their services depending on each client’s needs. They mainly focus on building links that will, in the long run, impact your affiliate marketing business or brand.  

They pride their services on their integrity and standard of quality. The price plan depends on the domain authority of the site linked to you, but they range from $100 to $350 per link.

6. Forward Linking

Forward Linking provides a customized link-building service that enables you to be featured on relevant and authoritative websites. This way, you can increase Google rankings, improve brand exposure, and boost levels of targeted organic traffic. In addition, they ensure that your site or brand is up-to-date with current trends in the digital marketing space and search engines. 

Forward Linking pledges absolute links and traffic. The best part is that all their outreach strategy can be described as transparent, personalized, relevant, ROI-focused, and long-term.

What to Consider Before Launching a Blogger Outreach Campaign for Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Before contacting influencers or bloggers, there are some primary considerations you must think about. Below are some of the significant factors you need to follow: 

1. Set a Clear Goal

Before launching your blogger outreach campaign, you must identify what you want to achieve from the campaign. Whatever goals you set will largely depend on the resources you have. 

We recommend choosing a goal that’s measurable and trackable. For instance, you can publish at least three affiliate marketing posts every month in the beginning or increase your site’s traffic by ten percent in the next couple of months. 

Under this section, you must decide if you will do all the outreach yourself or contact an agency to help offer affiliate marketing courses for beginners. That said, it’s necessary to note that doing it yourself can take much longer, especially if you are just starting. 

2. Have Detailed Success Criteria

This step is similar to setting goals, but it’s more specific. For instance, if you set a goal to increase your audience in the next couple of months, you need to state what you need to do to achieve this goal. For instance, to improve your audience successfully, you need to boost engagement, create relevant and valuable content, and share on social media.

3. Find the Right Bloggers

Identifying the influences or bloggers you will use is also essential. Remember, not every influencer or blogger you will contact will say yes; therefore, you need a long list of prospects you want to work with.

With thousands of blogs in different niches, finding one that can help make a difference in your business is challenging. When researching or selecting bloggers, we recommend picking them based on the following criteria:

  1. Find one from your niche
  2. Check how long they’ve been in the blogging business
  3. Their writing tone
  4. Their follower count
  5.  Level of engagement they get from their audience.

You can successfully find bloggers using Google, social media, SEO tools, or Content Explorer. The main goal is to find quality bloggers relevant to your niche.

4. Connect With the Blogger on the Social Web

Before contacting the influence or blogger for a collaboration, you should consider following them or connecting with them on social media. This way, you can evaluate how well they perform. 

As you research bloggers, take notes on their content and personality. You can use this information to create prospect descriptions. Prospect descriptions make personalized pitches feel more organic.

5. Email the Prospect 

When you are sure you are okay working with a specific blogger, it’s time to email them. Most influencers or bloggers will have their email addresses on social media platforms. If not, you can use paid email lookup services to help you contact them.

 Now that you have their email addresses, you can contact them to begin the process. Remember to write personalized emails where possible and put extra effort into those VIP bloggers.

Blog Outreach Best Practices to Consider

  1. Introducing yourself and your brand is always a good idea when contacting potential bloggers. Then, you can explain why they would be interested in featuring your product or service on their site.
  2. Always offer high-quality content. Wherever posts you post on your site, be it a guest post, sponsored post, or simply helpful information, it needs to be relevant and well-written.
  3. Be patient. Most bloggers and influencers are busy, so they might take time to respond to your request. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back right away.
  4. Follow up. After you have sent the initial email, follow up with emails or reach out to the blogger/influencer on social media.
  5. When communicating with the prospect, you should always be professional. Keep in mind you are representing your brand.


With the right blogger outreach service, you can increase backlinks, organic traffic, and sales. However, choosing the right provider isn’t as easy as it seems. It all comes down to your budget, expertise, and the current state of your site.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you reach your final decision. In addition, the above services can help you launch your outreach affiliate marketing campaigns and achieve greater success. Best yet, they can help you build relationships with the right influencers in your niche.

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