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Advanced distraction-free content editor with SEO analysis to collaborate on content production

Doesn’t it get frustrating jumping from one word processor tool to another to create content?



Our content editor enables your team to collaborate on content production in one tool.



Everyone in your team is able to see which content is being produced by whom, what stage it is at, and when it should be ready.  



Add images with specific alt texts, provide specific inline comments and instructions to writers, and do SEO analysis that comes with recommendations. All of this helps to improve the SEO score of your content before publishing.

Why your team needs this ...

Organised production

All the content in the production stage is available in the production section. Break free from disjointed content production processes and get your team organized under one all-encompassing solution.

Efficient collaboration

Easily edit written articles, provide immediate feedback, and approve ready-to-go pieces. No more hours lost jumping between emails, tools and documents to provide feedback and approve content.

SEO-ready content

Real time SEO analysis and recommendations during the writing process to ensure your content is SEO-ready when you are done. Well optimized content ranks faster and generates more leads.

Collaborate and produce winning content faster

With everyone on your team tracking the progress of each article they are writing in our advanced editor, you can create content faster and save endless hours wasted in a disjointed content production process. Here is what you get in the Contio editor:

Content editor with advanced features