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SEO auditing service

Our full-fledged Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit is the best way to find out what is ailing your SEO strategy, then fix it. No more guesswork, choose the most efficient and fastest way to move forward.

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We assist you in finding the loopholes in your client’s SEO strategy so that you can jump right in to work on fixing them sooner.


Find out why your SEO strategy is failing and what you can do to scale your organic reach and get to your potential users faster.


We help you to find the glaring SEO issues preventing your online shop from ranking higher and selling more organically.


Is your small business struggling to increase SEO rankings? Our SEO audit service will provide more insights to help you fix it.

seo auditing service

Why Your Website Needs SEO Auditing Services

The Google algorithm is continuously being updated. Search Engines are evolving, and with every update, your website goes one step behind.

Over a few months, hundreds of algorithm updates happen, which could mean you are thousands of steps behind.

Your website is the bargaining chip with search engines for organic traffic. When your website follows the search engine guidelines, the search engines love you back and send you a ton of traffic. When your website is many steps behind, no traffic comes your way. In most cases, the little traffic you get is taken away.

Our SEO auditing service ensures that your website is always kept on track. We find the issues holding your rankings back, help you fix them, and set you on your way to achieving your full potential.

Once your website’s SEO issues are sorted, you can chase off-page optimization and link building to see the return on investment.

  • Find content gap opportunities to direct your content strategy

  • Discover link building opportunities to achieve easy wins

  • Prune out toxic backlinks that are killing your site’s SEO

  • Find broken links that need to be resolved

  • Discover pages on your site with poor on-page SEO

  • Find redirect chains that are stopping crawlers from indexing your site better

  • Figure out the pages on your website with poor technical structures stopping SEO efforts from being effective

  • Rate your core web vitals to discover your site’s speed ratings on both mobile and desktop devices

  • Find internal link opportunities and orphaned pages that need fixing

How to Know Your Website Needs SEO Auditing Services

Our general rule of thumb is that you need to do an SEO audit for your website once a year if you update your website less often. If your website undergoes content and design changes significantly, do an audit twice or thrice every year to take stock of how every update on the website affected your SEO rankings.

That said, there are more glaring signs that you need to audit your website as soon as possible.

If your website is experiencing issues in the checklist below, reach out for an SEO audit.

how to know that your website needs an SEO audit
  • Dropping traffic spanning a few weeks to a few months

  • A slow loading website

  • Content that is not ranking well

  • Several broken internal and external links

  • Dropping conversion rates or sales

  • Your competitors eating your lunch

  • Experiencing high bounce rates

  • Duplicate content


What We Cover in Our SEO Auditing Service

Your writer, editor, designer, and marketer can now work together on our powerful content editor to collaborate on content production. Save endless hours spent between emails, word processors, and project management tools.

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  • Advanced in-built content editor

  • Inline comments on articles

  • Full-screen distraction-free editor

  • Powerful SEO analysis and optimization

  • Approve content for publishing

  • On-demand image library

  • Add images with alt tags

  • Keep track of all revisions

  • Readability checker and advisor


Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Auditing Services

Save hours spent logging in and out of various CMS and content distribution channels by publishing automatically to all channels at once with the click of a button.

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  • Google Docs

  • WordPress

  • Webflow

  • Medium

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter and more!

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